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From Everything.Sucks is the world's leading public trading platform for buying and selling medical equipment, parts and services -- we welcome more than 22,000 unique visitors every day and feature more than 700,000 listings on any given day.

DOTmed was founded in 1999 as an open marketplace for healthcare professionals, medical equipment manufacturers, brokers, and dealers, and today have we have more than 325,000 registered users.

Dotmed product listings are outdated and unavailable most of the time, Wayne Robert claims at

"Awful Company, They allow thieves to post bad comments just to use companies to gain for themselves once indexed on the web. Their product listings are Never updated and 90% of equipment is not available! Stay away!"


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Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Benefits are great and the compensation is very good. The CEO is tough but fair and an overall great man. The job and company is very unique. As long as your a grinder and abide by their rules you will do well."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"I worked at full-time Cons: verbally abusive environment namely with owner"


"I worked at Cons: Being hounded like a watch dog to be sure you make your calls. Good luck!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at full-time Cons: - Impossible to grow after year 1 because all your residual business gets cut in half - unlike other sales jobs, where there are incentives of demonstrating positive sales numbers, the commission structure after year 1 gets cut in half"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at full-time Cons: Insane management, especially the CEO. Be prepared to be verbally abused on a regular basis, while you're being micro-managed."


"I worked at Cons: Awful management team, terrible office environment. I wouldn't waste your time working here. It's really hard to care about your job when your employer doesn't care about you."

Former Employee - New York says

"I worked at full-time for more than a year Cons: The office atmosphere is somewhat like being in the military or a detention center. Everyone's afraid of the boss, literary afraid. He's a yeller and very demeaning. There is no room for laughs unless you're a top seller, then you can do whatever you please."

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